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Dockets by Statute OPA

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Complaint DateStatusCase
11/08/2022  Closed  (OPA-09-2011-0002) Vintage Production California LLC
07/28/2021  Closed  (OPA-09-2021-0047) Hawaii Fueling
05/19/2020  Closed  (OPA-09-2020-0028) USS Posco Industries
08/26/2019  Closed  (OPA-09-2019-0045) US Lubricants Inc,
09/18/2018  Closed  (OPA-09-2018-0005) Vital Energy Inc.
08/14/2018  Closed  (OPA-09-2018-0004) Supreme Group Guam LLC
05/23/2018  Closed  (OPA-09-2018-0003) Shell Martinez Refinery
03/06/2018  Closed  (OPA-09-2018-0001) Granite Rock / A.R. Wilson
03/05/2018  Closed  (CWA-06-2018-1730) Foust Dairy
02/13/2018  Awaiting Payment  (OPA-09-2018-0002) VSS International Inc.
09/07/2017  Closed  (OPA-09-2017-0006) Pacific Environmental Corporation
08/11/2017  Closed  (OPA-09-2017-0004) SoCo Group Inc.
06/27/2017  Closed  (OPA-09-2017-0005) American Biodiesel Inc.
04/24/2017  Closed  (OPA-09-2017-0002) ASIG at LA/Ontario Int'l Airport
04/18/2017  Closed  (OPA-09-2017-0003) Love's Travel Stops
11/18/2016  Closed  (OPA-09-2017-0001) Southern Counties Oil Company
09/12/2016  Closed  (OPA-09-2016-0005) General Petroleum Corporation
07/20/2016  Closed  (OPA-09-2016-0006) Hanson Aggregates dba Bekeley Asphalt
05/12/2016  Closed  (OPA-09-2016-0001) West Newport Oil Company
04/27/2016  Closed  (OPA-09-2016-0002) Sunpol Resins and Polymers
04/07/2016  Closed  (OPA-09-2016-0003) Paul Oil Company - Patterson
04/07/2016  Closed  (OPA-09-2016-0004) Paul Oil Company - Oakdale
09/23/2015  Closed  (OPA-09-2015-0001) Safety-Kleen
09/17/2015  Closed  (OPA-09-2015-0002) Cargill Inc.
12/13/2011  Closed  (OPA-09-2012-0001) City of Anaheim
10/13/2009  Closed  (OPA-09-2007-0002) Ventura Foods
10/13/2009  Closed  (OPA-09-2007-0004) Burbank Water and Power
10/13/2009  Closed  (OPA-09-2007-0003) Flying J
10/13/2009  Closed  (OPA-09-2008-0002) Marathon Packing Corporation
10/13/2009  Closed  (OPA-09-2007-0005) SAVVIS Communication Corporation
10/13/2009  Closed  (OPA-09-2007-0001) VSS Emultech
08/07/2007  Closed  (OPA-09-2007-0007) Vintage Production California
05/30/2007  Closed  (OPA-09-2007-0006) Vintage Production California

(33 entries in this collection)

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