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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Can I use a newer version of an approved alternative test method?

Only the version listed as an approved alternative method can be used to determine compliance with SIP rules. Although we would not expect major differences or any reduction in the quality assurance criteria in the revised version, the revised versions are not automatically reviewed and approved for use by EPA. The originating organization would need to submit the revised method to EPA Region 9 for review and approval before it can be used to determine compliance to a SIP rule.

2. How do I submit an alternative test method for review and approval?

The requester should provide precision and accuracy data for the new method. Supporting data using the validation protocol of 40 CFR 63, Appendix A Method 301 should be provided if the method is proposed as an alternative to an EPA reference method.

Please read and complete these forms: with your request.

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