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Dockets by Statute TSCA

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07/22/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0037 Matthew Andersen d/b/a Andersen Painting
07/21/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0033 Matthew Andersen dba Andersen Painting
07/18/2014ActiveTSCA-02-2014-9171 Alstar Construction, Inc.
07/16/2014ActiveTSCA-02-2014-7103 Municipality of Toa Alta
07/15/2014ActiveTSCA-05-2014-0016 City of Nashwauk (Nashwauk, Minnesota)
07/10/2014ActiveTSCA-04-2014-2903(b) Robbie D. Wood
07/09/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0024 JDC Construction & Remodeling LLC
07/08/2014ActiveTSCA-05-2014-0014 Gunton Corporation (Bedford Heights Ohio)
07/08/2014ActiveTSCA-05-2014-0015 Charles Grayeb (Peoria, Illiois)
07/01/2014ActiveTSCA-02-2014-9105 Marcal Manufactring, LLC
07/01/2014ActiveTSCA-05-2014-0013 Midwest Training Services LLC (Nunica, Michigan)
07/01/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0032 Mesa Enterprises, LLC
06/27/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0036 Creative Home Builders
06/26/2014ActiveTSCA-02-2014-9282 AZ Water Man Corp.
06/26/2014ActiveTSCA-02-2014-9106 Public Service Electric & Gas Company
06/26/2014ActiveTSCA-03-2014-0014 Touchwood Partners, L.P.,(2) Respondents SCAFO, TSCA
06/24/2014ActiveTSCA-04-2012-2619(b) MW Group LLC
06/24/2014ClosedTSCA-05-2014-0012 Jim Knibbs Building & Remodeling, Inc. (Petoskey, Michigan)
06/18/2014ActiveTSCA-03-2014-0090 King Properties, Ltd., TSCA, SCAFO
06/17/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0034 Goldman Enterprises Inc., d/b/a Paul Davis Restoration of Kansas City
06/17/2014ActiveTSCA-04-2014-2905(b) NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
06/17/2014ActiveTSCA-04-2014-2906(b) Mountain Electric Cooperative
06/17/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0008 Pablo Romero d/b/a Donovan’s Painting
06/17/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0030 Zane Inc., d/b/a Serv Pro of Freemont/ NW Omaha, Inc.
06/16/2014ActiveTSCA-03-2014-0075 Prince Georges County School District, TSCA, SCAFO,
06/16/2014ActiveTSCA-05-2014-0010 Builders License Training Institute (Williamsburg, Michigan)
06/16/2014TSCA-05-2014-0011 Kaplan AEC Education (La Crosse, Wisconsin)
06/10/2014ClosedTSCA-04-2014-2509(b) Colonial Chemical Solutions, Inc.
06/10/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0023 MCB, LLC
06/09/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0026 Douglas Thoman Construction
06/07/2014ActiveTSCA-01-2014-0037 Tim Jones New Look Remodeling Co.,
06/04/2014Awaiting Payment/SEPTSCA-05-2014-0009 Michigan Window World, Inc. -- SEP -- (Granger, Indiana)
06/03/2014ClosedTSCA-04-2014-2516(b) Stone River Property Management and Real Estate Services, Inc.
06/02/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0028 M & L Construction Company.Inc.
05/29/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0029 LHP, LLC
05/28/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0031 Bisby, Richard
05/20/2014ClosedTSCA-07-2014-0016 First Choice Builders LLC d/b/a Intext Builders
05/16/2014ActiveTSCA-02-2014-9126 Bluestar Silicones USA Corp.
05/16/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0010 Jose Garcia
05/16/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0011 Noah’s Ark Home Improvement, LLC
05/08/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0027 Jaime Diosdado
05/01/2014ClosedTSCA-07-2014-0021 IES of Marshall, Inc. dba Servpro of Marshall
04/28/2014ActiveTSCA-05-2014-0007 RS United Oil Services, Inc. (Monee, Illinois)
04/28/2014ClosedTSCA-05-2014-0008 General Electric Company/GE (Evendale, Ohio)
04/23/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0025 Kansas City Home Doctor, Inc.
04/15/2014ActiveTSCA-05-2014-0005 Greentree Environmental Services Inc. (Portage, Indiana)
04/15/2014ClosedTSCA-05-2014-0006 ETC Training Services Group (Romulus, Michigan)
04/08/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0022 Ryan Reinke
04/03/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0006 Z & B Holdings, LLC d/b/a Berry Door & Window
04/02/2014ActiveTSCA-04-2014-2505(b) Premier Trading Company, LLC
04/02/2014ClosedTSCA-07-2014-0013 Jeffrey Joseph Horton dba Square One Home Services
03/27/2014ClosedTSCA-04-2013-2726(b) First Communities Management, Inc. d/b/a Old Town Villa
03/26/2014ClosedTSCA-07-2014-0009 ACE Service Team, LLC
03/26/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0018 George C. Weber
03/24/2014ClosedTSCA-05-2014-0004 Vinyl Sash of Flint, Inc. (Flint, Michigan)
03/19/2014ClosedTSCA-03-2014-0064 UGI HVAC Enterprises Inc.d/b/a Servicemark, TSCA, SCAFO
03/14/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0020 Matthew Andersen d/b/a Andersen Painting
03/14/2014ActiveTSCA-02-2014-9104 Veolia ES Technical Solutions, LLC
03/13/2014ClosedTSCA-04-2014-2507(b) Rudolf-Venture Chemical, Inc.
03/05/2014ActiveTSCA-02-2014-9201 American Sugar Refining, Inc.
03/04/2014ActiveTSCA-01-2014-0008 Gerard Therrien
03/04/2014ClosedTSCA-04-2014-2506(b) Southwood Realty Company, Inc. d/b/a Forestbrook Apartment Homes
02/24/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0003 Steven L. and Peggy A. Patrick
02/24/2014ClosedTSCA-07-2014-0007 Juanita S. Miner
02/24/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0015 PBS Aircraft Company, Inc.
02/20/2014ClosedTSCA-04-2014-2501(b) Connect Chemical USA, LLC
02/19/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0019 Ryan Reinke
02/14/2014ClosedTSCA-05-2014-0003 Wonder Makers Environmental (Kalamazoo, Michigan)
02/11/2014ClosedTSCA-07-2014-0004 Robert and Amber Dean
02/11/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0012 Jon D. Canaday d/b/a St. Joseph Property Management
02/07/2014ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0017 Gil Gerrell
02/05/2014ClosedTSCA-04-2014-2504(b) JTCI5 Sunny Isles GP, LLC d/b/a Beach Place
02/01/2014ActiveTSCA-10-2014-0028 Lynden Service Center, Inc.
01/30/2014ClosedTSCA-10-2014-0010 Elec. Recyclers International of WA, Inc.
01/28/2014ClosedTSCA-07-2014-0014 U Pick It, Inc
01/28/2014ActiveTSCA-08-2014-0002 THOMAS BREUER CONSTRUCTION, INC.
01/27/2014ActiveTSCA-01-2013-0051 My Van Nguyen and Xem Thi Le
01/22/2014ClosedTSCA-04-2014-2904(b) Boggan Hill, Inc.
01/17/2014ClosedTSCA-10-2014-0012 Anchorage School District
01/17/2014ClosedTSCA-10-2014-0011 Anchorage Municipal Light & Power
01/14/2014ClosedTSCA-07-2014-0001 Painting Done Right
01/11/2014ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9266 AAA Lead Abatement, LLC
01/09/2014ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9103 Chemtura Corporation
01/09/2014ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9102 Glenn Springs Holdings, Inc.
12/31/2013ClosedTSCA-07-2014-0005 Philip Thornton and Stanley Thornton
12/23/2013ActiveTSCA-03-2014-0014 Mt. Vernon Garden Apartment and Jenkinown Gardens,
Target Housing, TSCA,
12/18/2013ActiveTSCA-03-2014-0030 Thermon-Twin Industries, Inc., TSCA, SCAFO
12/17/2013ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9101 Public Service Electric and Gas Company
12/12/2013ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0002 Otto Brothers, A Partnership
12/10/2013ClosedTSCA-08-2014-0001 DEVEX CONSTRUCTION, LLC.
12/05/2013ActiveTSCA-01-2013-0069 Bill Vizzo Contractors, LLC
12/03/2013ActiveTSCA-03-2014-0026 Diocese of Arlington, TSCA, SCAFO
12/03/2013ClosedTSCA-05-2014-0002 M & J Environmental Institute - ESA and FINAL ORDER - (Maple Grove, Minnesota)
11/22/2013ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9269 Abatement Solutions, LLC
11/20/2013ActiveTSCA-01-2013-0028 C & C Ventures, LLC
11/20/2013ClosedTSCA-07-2013-0015 Dennis Barker
11/19/2013ClosedTSCA-04-2013-2908(b) Alabama Metal Industries Corporation

(1303 entries in this collection)
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