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Monitoring and Assessing Water Quality
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Survey for National Volunteer Monitoring Directory

Monitoring program names:
Stream Monitoring Information Exchange (SMIE)

Affiliation, if you are part of a national, statewide, or regional network (e.g., Izaak Walton League, Texas Watch):
Clean Water for North Carolina

Contact Information
Name:Gracia O'NeillStreet:29 1/2 Page Ave.
City: AshevilleState: North Carolina
Zip Code:28801Phone: 828-251-1291
Email:gracia@cwfnc.orgWeb site1:
Fax: NAWeb

Does your program serve as an "umbrella" organization for smaller monitoring groups? yes

Number of Active volunteers (excluding school classes):~60
For programs that work with schools: Teachers Number: Students Number:

Approx. annual monitoring budget: $$7,000 Year monitoring began: 2005

Sources of funding or in-kind support
Federal Government State Government Local Government
X Foundations Businesses Memberships
X Donations Grass roots fundraising (events, solicitations, etc.)Other:

Does program have a written QA (quality assurance) plan?Yes Is it state-approved?No
EPA-approved? No

Does program have monitoring-related publications you are willing to share with, or sell to, other groups?Yes

Counties in which you monitor:
Buncombe; Haywood; Madison; Yancey; Mitchell (Henderson uses same method)

Program description:
This volunteer stream monitoring program is a project of the SMIE (Stream Monitoring Information Exchange), which is coordinated by Clean Water for NC (CWFNC), a non-profit, state-wide environmental justice organization. The SMIE formed in 2003, and has worked towards bringing together various people and organizations with an interest in water quality issues. We have a contact list of over 100 people, and over 12 participating organizations.

In 2005 CWFNC and SMIE launched an advanced biological montitoring program, sampling at sites that are monitored for chemical data by a sister-program (VWIN). ~150 people have been trained in this method, which is open to anybody (11th grade and up) with any level of experience or identification skills. Volunteers are asked to commit to assist with sampling in at least 2 sites, twice per year (about 5-6 hours in spring and again in the fall).

We have worked with numerous organizations to develop this method with the long term goal in mind of expanding the program to all of WNC. Our hope is that these volunteer monitoring groups will become a focal point for community interaction, promote a sense of stewardship of local waterways, and empower residents to protect the quality of our mountain rivers and streams!

Environments monitored:
River or Stream

Physical/chemical monitoring:

Biological monitoring:
Habitat assessments, Macroinvertebrates

Exotic/Invasive Species:

Additional activities:
reporting water quality violations

Restoration activities:

Data Uses
EducationOur program, Non-governmental community organizations, State government
AdvocacyOur program, Non-governmental community organizations
Research Our program
Community organizingOur program, Non-governmental community organizations
Screen for problemsOur program, Non-governmental community organizations, State government
Establish baseline conditionsOur program
Nonpoint source assessment 
BMP evaluation 
Land use decisions 
Watershed planning 
Plan restoration projects 
EnforcementOur program
Shellfish bed closures 
Swimming advisories 
State 305(b) report 


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