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Development Document for Best Available Technology, Pretreatment Technology, and New Source Performance Technology for the Pesticide Formulating, Packaging, and Repackaging Industry [Proposed]

EPA Number: 821R94002
Date of Publication:March, 1994
Audienceconcerned citizens, industry

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Table of contents: Legal authority and background; Summary; Industry description; Industry subcategorization; Water use and waste water characteristics; Pollution parameters selected for regulation; Technology selection and methods to achieve the effluent limitations; Engineering costs; Best practical control technology; Best conventional pollutant control technology; Best available technology economically achievable; Pretreatment standards for existing sources; New source performance standards and Pretreatment standards for new sources; Regulatory implementation; Water quality analysis; Non-water quality environmental impacts; and Appendices.

Chemical Industry
Water Pollution Standards
Water Pollution Control
Water Treatment
Chemical Effluents
Materials Handling
Water Use
Environmental Impacts
Best Available Technology (BAT)

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