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Clean Water Reference Book

EPA Number: N/A
Date of Publication:May, 1994
Audienceconcerned citizens, industry

Available from:
NTIS# PB95-103792Ordering Information
Table of Contents: What's At Stake in Clean Water Act Reauthorization; Side-by-Side Legislative Analysis; President Clinton's Clean Water Initiative (PB94-154846); President Clinton's Clean Water Initiative: Analysis of Benefits and Costs (PB94-154119); The Administration's Wetlands Plan; Clean Water: A Memorial Day Perspective (PB94-203478); Results of the 1992 National Water Quality Inventory (PB94-181377); The Clean Water Act: Rhetoric and Reality; Clean Water: In the News; and Issue-specific Fact Sheets.

Clean Water Act
Water Pollution Control
Water Pollution Standards
Pollution Regulations
Water Quality Management
Potable Water
Drinking Water
Surface Waters
Ground Water
Water Pollution Sources
Environmental Impacts

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