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Ground Water Resource Assessment

EPA Number: 813R93003
Date of Publication:October, 1993
Audienceteachers, concerned citizens, industry

Available from:
NTIS# PB94-154291Ordering Information
Table of Contents: Introduction to Ground Water Resource Assessment; Components of a Ground Water Resource Assessment; Approaches to Assessing Aquifer Sensitivity and Ground Water Vulnerability; Comprehensive State Ground Water Protection Program Priority-Setting Characteristics to be Addressed in Ground Water Resource Assessments; Case Studies on the Development and Use of Ground Water Resource Assessments at the State, Local, and Federal Level; Sources of Hydrogeological Information; and Glossary.

Ground Water
Groundwater Recharge
Water Table
Potentiometric Level
Aquifer Systems
Hydraulic Properties
Base Flow
Hydrologic Budget
Aquifer Characteristics
Land Use
Water Pollution

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