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Proceedings of the Ocean Dumping Workshop 106-Mile Site, Held in Ocean City, NJ., on March 28-30, 1989

EPA Number: 503989009
Date of Publication:June, 1989
Audienceconcerned citizens, industry, Regulated Community

Available from:
NTIS# PB93-208072Ordering Information
EPA, NOAA, and USCG convened a workshop in Ocean City, New Jersey on March 28-30, 1989 to address concerns about potential effects on fisheries and human health risks resulting from disposal of sewage sludge at the 106-Mile Site, and to assist in the process of identifying critical monitoring, research, and surveillance needs relative to the 106-Mile Site. More...

106-Mile Site
Conference Proceedings
Disposal Site
Human Health
Health Advisories
Municipal Waste
Municipal Waste Disposal
Ocean Dumping
Sewage Sludge
Slope Sea
Sludge Disposal
Waste Disposal
Wastewater Management

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