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Method 1668B Chlorinated Biphenyl Congeners in Water, Soil, Sediment, Biosolids, and Tissue by HRGC/HRMS

EPA Number: 821R08020
Date of Publication:November, 2008
Audienceconcerned citizens, Regulated Community, Scientific Community, State and local government

Available from:
NTIS# PB2009-105236Ordering Information
This revision of Method 1668 (Method 1668B; the "Method") revises EPA Method 1668A to replace single-lab quality control (QC) acceptance criteria with interlaboratory criteria, and make other changes described below. More...

Chlorinated Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Water Pollution Sampling
Soil Sampling
Test Methods
Quantitative Chemical Analysis
High Resolution
Gas Chromatography
Mass Spectroscopy
EPA Method 1668
Chlorinated Biphenyls

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