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Fact Sheet: Oregon Water Quality Standards

EPA Number: 823F03012
Date of Publication:October, 2003
Audienceconcerned citizens, industry

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EPA is proposing federal water quality standards for the State of Oregon, that include: Use designations for critical life stages of certain salmon, trout, and other cold water fish species ("salmonids") in Oregon waters; Temperature water quality criteria for the protection of salmonids in Oregon waters, except for the Columbia River; An intergravel dissolved oxygen water quality criterion to protect salmonid spawning wherever salmonid spawning is the designated use; Methods to implement Oregon's existing antidegradation policy; A provision addressing the addition of heat from anthropogenic sources to impaired waters; and A process for federal agencies responsible for federally owned or operated dams to request that EPA modify its federally promulgated water quality standards for Oregon. More...

Water Quality Standards
Biological Assessments
Dissolved Oxygen
Clean Water Act
Water Pollution
Surface Waters
Ground Water
Water Supply

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