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Use and Disposal of Biosolids (Sewage Sludge): Agency Final Response to the National Research Council Report on Biosolids Applied to Land and the Results of the Review of Existing Sewage Sludge Regulations

EPA Number: 822F03010
Date of Publication:December, 2003
Audienceconcerned citizens, industry, Regulated Community, Scientific Community, State and local government, Teachers or Educators

Available from:
EPA is releasing a final action plan that explains the Agency's response to the recommendations in the July 2002 National Research Council (NRC) report entitled "Biosolids Applied to Land: Advancing Standards and Practices. More...

Sewage Sludge
Pollution Regulations
Sludge Disposal
Solid Waste Management
Municipal Wastes
Pollution Control
Land Disposal
Public Health
Sewage Treatment

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