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[Small Poster] [2001] Acta Para Asegurar El Suministro De Agua Potable Saludable: Programma De Control De La Inyeccion Subterranea (UIC) - Dedicado a La Proteccion De La Salu Del Publico Y Las Fuentes De Agua Potable

EPA Number: 816H02005
Date of Publication:August, 2001
Pages:11" x 17"
Audienceconcerned citizens, industry, Spanish Language, Teachers or Educators

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11" X 17" landscape illustrating different types of injection wells. More...

Drinking Water
Ground Water
Surface Water/Watersheds
Water Quality Information
Water Quality Protection
Underground Injection Control
Water Pollution
Underground Injection Control (UIC)
Underground Injection
Injection Wells
Spanish Language

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