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EPA# N/AApplication and Use of the Regulatory Definition of Significant Noncompliance for Industrial Users [Memorandum]
EPA# 300B94002BEN: A Model to Calculate the Economic Benefits of Noncompliance -User's Manual (Revised)
EPA# 812B95001Consolidated Summary of State Reporting Requirements for the Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS)
EPA# N/ADrinking Water Information Guide
EPA# 816F00021Drinking Water Public Notification
EPA# N/AFactoids: Drinking Water and Ground Water Statistics for 1998
EPA# N/AFactoids: Drinking Water and Ground Water Statistics for 1999
EPA# 816K01004Factoids: Drinking Water and Ground Water Statistics for 2000
EPA# 815K02004Factoids: Drinking Water and Ground Water Statistics for 2001
EPA# 816K05001Factoids: Drinking Water and Ground Water Statistics for 2004
EPA# 816K08004FACTOIDS: Drinking Water and Ground Water Statistics for 2008
EPA# 816F00020Final Drinking Water Public Notification Regulations
EPA# 816R01010Final State Implementation Guidance for the Public Notification (PN) Rule
EPA# 570991006Florida Small Systems Compliance Project
EPA# 816D01001Implementation Guidance for the Filter Backwash Recycling Rule (FBRR)-Draft
EPA# 305R99002Providing Safe Drinking Water in America: 1997 National Public Water Systems Compliance Report and Update on Implementation of the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments
EPA# 305R02001Providing Safe Drinking Water in America: 2000 National Public Water Systems Compliance Report
EPA# 816R99004Public Notification Handbook-Draft for Comment
EPA# 570989CCCPublic Notification: Reporting Violations of Drinking Water Standards [Brochure]
EPA# N/ARecommended Format for Clean Water Act, Section 309, Administrative Orders
EPA# 816F99002Revisions to Drinking Water Public Notice Regulations [Fact Sheet]
EPA# 816R99008State Implementation Guidance for the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) Rule
EPA# N/ASurface Water Treatment Rule: Implementation Manual (Including Appendix D)
EPA# 812R93005The National Public Water System Supervision Program: FY 1992 Compliance Report
EPA# 816F00023The Public Notification Rule: A Quick Reference Guide
EPA# 831F92001US EPA Pretreatment Compliance Monitoring And Enforcement System Version 3.0 (Final September 1992) - User's Guide
EPA# 816K09004[Statistics] [FY 2009] FACTOIDS: Drinking Water and Ground Water Statistics for 2009

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