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Use of Airborne Surface and Borehole Geophysical Techniques at Contaminated Sites: a Reference Guide

EPA Number: 625R92007
Date of Publication:September, 1993

Available from:
NTIS# PB94-123825Ordering Information
The purpose of the reference guide is: To describe both commonly used and less common geophysical methods in relatively nontechnical terms for nongeophysicists involved in investigating and monitoring contaminated sites; To provide guidance on where to find more detailed information on specific methods, through the use of tables describing major texts and reports, and index tables that catalog references at the end of each chapter according to method and applications; To provide information on designing and evaluating a geophysical program at contaminated sites, including various tables summarizing the applicability of geophysical methods for different aspects of contaminated site characterization and monitoring; and To provide summary information on case studies on the use of surface and borehole geophysical methods at contaminated sites.

Geophysical Surveys
Site Surveys
Hazardous Materials
Pollution Monitoring
Remote Sensing
Aerial Surveys
Land Surveys
Underground Surveys
Land Pollution
Water Pollution
Ground Water
Literature Surveys

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