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The Construction, Technical Evaluation, and Frictional Determination of an Aluminum Storm Sewer System

EPA Number: 600278025
Date of Publication:March, 1978
Audienceconcerned citizens, industry, Regulated Community, Scientific Community, State and local government, Teachers or Educators

Available from:
NTIS# PB-283 458Ordering Information
The program consisted of analysis of the effect upon the quantity of sewerage flows in a portion of the existing combined system as a result of the construction of a demonstration aluminum storm sewer system, laboratory testing of flow characteristics of aluminum pipe, design and construction of a demonstration aluminum storm sewer system and appurtenances and the technical evaluation of the demonstration aluminum storm sewer system over a 10 year post-construction period. More...

Aluminum Alloys
Storm Sewers
Combined Sewers
Performance Evaluation
Corrugated Metal Pipes
Pipe Flow
Surface Water Runoff
Corrosion Environments
Test Methods
Abrasion Tests
Wear Tests

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