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Health Advisories for 50 Pesticides (Complete Set)

EPA Number: N/A
Date of Publication:August, 1988
Audienceconcerned citizens, industry

Available from:
NTIS# PB88-245931Ordering Information
The documents summarize the health effects of 50 pesticides including: acifluorfen, ametryn, ammonium sulfamate, atrazine, baygon, bentazon, bromacil, butylate, carbaryl, carboxin, chloramben, chlorothalonil, cyanazine, dalapon, dacthal, diazinon, dicamba, 1,3-dichloropropene, dieldrin, dimethrin, dinoseb, diphenamid, disulfoton, diuron, endothall, ethylene thiourea, fenamiphos, fluometuron, fonofos, glyphosate, hexazinone, maleic hydrazide, MCPA, methomyl,
methyl parathion, metalachlor, metribuzin, paraquat, picloram, prometon, pronamid, propachlor, propazine, propham, simazine, 2,4,5-T, tebuthiuron, terbacil, terbufos, and trifluralin. More...

Potable Water
Water Quality
Chemical Compounds
Physical Properties
Reaction Kinetics
Chemical Properties
Industrial Medicine
Water Pollution
Public Health
Drinking Water
Water Pollution Standards
Environmental Health

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