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[Toolkit] 3Ts for Reducing Lead in Drinking Water in Schools and Child Care Facilities [Toolkit]

EPA Number: 816E05006
Date of Publication:December, 2005
Pages:Folder provides 12 double-sided inserts; Total pages: 22
Audienceconcerned citizens, Teachers or Educators

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Folder provides handouts, including: Public address: Issue of lead in facility drinking water; Ways to display: Onsite information; Parent and caregiver letter; Newsletter article 1; Information update announcement; Issue and crisis management: Guidelines; Training, testing, and telling: Introducing the 3Ts for reducing lead in drinking water in schools and child care facilities; Lead in drinking water: What you should know to protect children in your schoool or child care facility; Frequenly asked questions: Lead exposure: The risks and remedies; National resources and information; How to collect an initial sample & How to collect a flush (follow up) sample; Organizing a lead in drinking water workshop or open house: Agenda and discussion guidelines; The toolkit provides supplemental materials, such as templates, to assist schools and child care facilities in their efforts to develop programs and policies to reduce lead levels in drinking water.

Drinking Water
School Buildings
Health Aspects
Potable Water
State Programs
Water Quality
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