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Economic and Environmental Impact Assessment of Proposed Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards for the Coal Mining Industry: Remining and Western Alkaline Subcatagories

EPA Number: 821B00002
Date of Publication:March, 2000
Audienceteachers, concerned citizens, industry

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NTIS# PB2000-106394Ordering Information
Table of Contents: Executive Summary; Introduction; Data Sources; Industry Profile and Economic Baseline; Industry Compliance Costs; Industry Impacts; Additional Economic Impacts; Cost-Effectiveness; Environmental Impacts and Benefits; Social Costs and Benefits of the Proposed Rule; References; Appendix A: State Remining Programs; and Appendix A: AML Reclamation Program.

Water Pollution Standards
Coal Mining
Economic Impact
Environmental Impact Assessments
Coal Industry
Arid Lands
Water Pollution Control
Chemical Effluents
Mine Wastes
Mine Waters
Acid Mine Drainage

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