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Innovative and Alternative Technology Projects: 1986 Progress Report

EPA Number: N/A
Date of Publication:September, 1986
Audienceconcerned citizens, industry

Available from:
NTIS# PB86-247343Ordering Information
Contents: Innovative technology project descriptions; (Overland flow, sequencing batch reactors, intrachannel clarification, hydrograph controlled release lagoons, vacuum assisted sludge dewatering beds, ultraviolet disinfection, counter-current aeration systems), Alternative technology case studies; (Cedar Rocks, West Virginia, vacuum collection system, Cannon Beach, Oregon, wetlands/marsh system, Clayton County, Georgia, spray irrigation and wastewater recycling system, Kenbridge, Virginia, overland flow system, East Richland County, South Carolina, sludge composting system, Charlotte, Michigan, methane recovery system).

Waste Disposal
Sewage Treatment
Sludge Drying
Vacuum Apparatus
Ultraviolet Radiation
Wastewater Reuse
Land Application
Innovative and Alternative Technology Projects

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