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President Clinton's Clean Water Initiative: Analysis of Benefits and Costs (A.K.A. The Green Book Analysis)

EPA Number: 800R94002
Date of Publication:March, 1994
Audienceconcerned citizens, industry

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Table of Contents: Nonpoint Source Controls; Storm Water; Combine Sewer Overflows; Toxics Controls; Comprehensive Watershed Management; Permit Discharge Fee; Groundwater Protection; Pollution Prevention Plans; Domestic Sewage Exclusion/Pretreatment; Permits/Enforcement/Water Quality Standards; State Revolving Fund/Construction Grants; Monitoring; Abandoned Mines; Market Incentives-Effluent Trading; Aggregate Benefit Estimates; Nonpoint Source Case Studies; Storm and Surface Water Utility, Bellvue, Washington; Benefits of Toxic Reduction Case Studies; and Detailed Aggregate Benefit Analysis.

Ground Water
Water Pollution Abatement
Benefit Cost Analysis
Water Pollution Standards
Law Enforcement
Economic Analysis
Toxic Substances
Storm Water Runoff
Water Treatment
Urban Areas
Nonpoint Source Pollution (NPS)

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