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[Brochure] Adopt Your Watershed

EPA Number: 840F05004
Date of Publication:July, 2005
Pages:Four-fold; double-sided
AudienceAdult Public, concerned citizens, State and local government, teachers

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“To encourage stewardship of the nation's water resources, EPA challenges citizens & organizations to join the Agency and others who are working to protect and restore our nation's valuable rivers, streams, wetlands, lakes, ground water, and estuaries.” Brochure answers questions: What is a watershed? What is the Adopt Your Watershed campaign? What do we mean by "adoption"? How can I find out what groups are active in my community? Also provides: “Top Ten Watershed Tips” and “Tools to Help You Adopt Your Watershed.”

Drinking Water
Surface Water/Watersheds
Water Quality Information
Water Quality Protection
Water Pollution/Pollutants
Citizen Participation
Community Programs
Public Education and Outreach
Student Activities
Volunteer Monitoring
World Water Monitoring Day

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