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Short-Term Methods for Estimating the Chronic Toxicity of Effluents and Receiving Water to Marine and Estuarine Organisms, Second Edition

EPA Number: 600491003
Date of Publication:July, 1994
Audienceconcerned citizens, industry

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This manual describes six short-term (one hour to nine days) estuarine and marine methods for measuring the chronic toxicity of effluents and receiving waters to five species; the sheepshead minnow, Cyprinodon variegatus; the inland silverside, Menidia beryllina; the mysid, Mysidopsis bahia; the sea urchin, Arbacia punctualata; and the red macroalga, Champia parvula. More...

Water Pollution Effects (Animals)
Water Pollution Effects (Plants)
Estuarine Environment
Marine Environment
Chemical Effluents
Sea Water
Water Pollution Sampling
Test Methods
Marine Biology

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