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Center for Technology Transfer and Pollution Prevention, Volume III [Environmental Hypermedia Programs] [CD-ROM]

EPA Number: 823C04005
Date of Publication:September, 1999
Audienceconcerned citizens, Regulated Community, Scientific Community, State and local government, Teachers or Educators

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Features 20 programs, several of which are available only on CD-ROM: Chemical Contamination in Fish Update; Decentralized On-Site Management for Treatment of Domestic Wastes; Environmental Planning for Small Communties (TRILOGY) -Windows executable (not HTML)version; Environmental Assessment Case Study (ALASKA); Environmental Assessment Resource Guide (EARG); EPA Grant Writing Tutorial; FARM*A*SYST: Fertilizer Storage and Handling Practices, Livestock Manure Storage, Pesticide Storage and Handling Practices; Ground Water Primer; Household Waste Management; Injection Well Information Program; Lead in the Environment; Mercury in Medical Facilities; Pollution Prevention; Principles and Design of On-Site Waste Disposal with Septic Systems; Private Water Education System; Residential Energy Efficiency Update; Water-Effect Ratio for Metals; and Water Quality Standards and Criteria.

Ground Water
Water Quality
Water Pollution
Pollution Prevention
Water Qulaity Standards
Decentralized Systems
Wastewater Treatment
Waste Water

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