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A Handbook for State Ground Water Managers

EPA Number: 813B92001
Date of Publication:May, 1992

Available from:
NTIS# PB94-161171Ordering Information
Table of Contents: Nonpoint Source Implementation; State Public Water System Supervision; State Underground Water Source Protection (Underground Injection Control); Water Pollution Control -- State and Interstate Program Support (106 Grants); Water Quality Management Planning; Agriculture in Concert with the Environment; Consolidated Pesticide Compliance Monitoring and Program Cooperative Agreements; Pollution Prevention Incentives for States; Hazardous Substance Response Trust Fund; Hazardous Waste Financial Assistance; Underground Storage Tank
Program; Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund; State/EPA Data Management Financial Assistance Program; Environmental Education; and Multi-Media Assistance Agreements for Indian Tribes.

Ground Water
Water Pollution Abatement
State Agencies
Federal Programs
Financial Assistance
Water Supply
Hazardous Materials
Storage Tanks
Underground Storage
Water Pollution Sources
Nonpoint Source Pollution (NPS)

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