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Nationwide Evaluation of Combined Sewer Overflows and Urban Stormwater Discharges, Volume I: Executive Summary

EPA Number: 600277064a
Date of Publication:September, 1977
Audienceconcerned citizens, industry, Regulated Community, Scientific Community, State and local government, Teachers or Educators

Available from:
NTIS# PB-273 133Ordering Information
A study was conducted by the American Public Works Association and the University of Florida to determine: the cost of abating pollution from combined sewer overflows and urban stormwater, the impact of such pollutional discharges on receiving waters, and the pollution potential of such discharges. More...

Combined Sewers
Sewage Treatment
Water Pollution Control
Storm Sewers
Cost Analysis
Surface Water Runoff
United States
Water Quality
Biochemical Oxygen Demand
Capitalized Costs
Urban Hydrology

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