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Method 1664: N-Hexane Extractable Material (HEM) and Silica Gel Treated N-Hexane Extractable Material (SGT-HEM) by Extraction and Gravimetry (Oil and Grease and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons)

EPA Number: 821B94004b
Date of Publication:April, 1995
Audienceconcerned citizens, industry

Available from:
NTIS# PB95-239232Ordering Information
[BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE ERRATA SHEET FOR EQUATION 1] Method 1664 was developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Science and Technology to replace previously used gravimetric procedures that employed Freon-113, a Class I CFC, as the extraction solvent for the determination of oil and grease and petroleum hydrocarbons. More...

Water Pollution Monitoring
Gravimetric Analysis
Test Methods
Chemical Analysis
Silica Gel
Quality Control
Pollution Regulations
Crude Oil
Petroleum Products
EPA Method 1664

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