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Manpower Planning for Wastewater Treatment Plants

EPA Number: 832R72100
Date of Publication:September, 1972
Audienceconcerned citizens, industry

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NTIS# PB-230179Ordering Information
The instructional material in this manual has been prepared and organized to meet five general objectives: To review the general principles and practices of manpower planning; to review the development of the nation's water pollution control program and the need for a systematic effort in water pollution control, particularly at the municipal level; to examine the educational and manpower development resources that are available for use by the water pollution control field; to provide instruction in manpower planning for use in planning manpower needs of municipal wastewater treatment plants; and, to organize in a workbook format a series of steps that draws upon the above information and applies it directly to manpower planning for municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Sewage Treatment
Sewage Treatment Plants

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