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Folleto Informativo De Tecnologia De Aguas Residuales: Humedales De Flujo Superficial [Spanish]

EPA Number: 832F00023
Date of Publication:September, 2000
Audienceconcerned citizens, industry, Regulated Community, Scientific Community, Spanish Language, State and local government

Available from:
Fact sheet that describes subsurface flow wetlands which are specifically designed to treat or polish some types of wastewater and are typically constructed as a bed or channel containing appropriate media.

Surface Water/Watersheds
Water Quality Information
Water Pollution/Pollutants
Subsurface Flow
Constructed Wetlands
Household Waste
Industrial Waste
Municipal Waste
Natural Wetlands
SF Wetlands
Subsurface Wetlands
Wastewater Management
Wastewater Treatment Systems

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