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Class V Underground Injection Control Study

EPA Number: 816R99014
Date of Publication:September, 1999
Audienceteachers, concerned citizens, industry

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The Class V study provides background information for EPA to use in evaluating the risk that approximately 20 types of Class V wells pose to underground sources of drinking water: Agricultural Drainage, Storm Water Drainage, Carwashes, Large-Capacity Septic Systems, Food Processing Disposal, Sewage Treatment Effluent, Laundromats Without Dry Cleaning Facilities, Spent Brine Return Flow, Mine Backfill, Aquaculture, Solution Mining, In-Situ Fossil Fuel Recovery, Special Drainage, Experimental, Aquifer Remediation, Geothermal Electric Power, Geothermal Direct Heat Return Flow, Heat Pump/Air Conditioning Return Flow, Salt Water Intrusion Barrier, Aquifer Recharge/Recovery, Noncontact Cooling Water, and Subsidence Control. More...

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Underground Injection Control
Class V Injection Wells

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