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[Final Rule] [1989] Drinking Water National Primary Drinking Water Regulations Filtration Disinfection Turbidity Giardia Lamblia Viruses Legionella and Heterotrophic Bacteria: Final Rule

EPA Number: N.A.
Date of Publication:June, 1989
AudienceRegulated Community

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"This notice, issued under the Safe Drinking Water Act, publishes maximum contaminant level goals for Giardia lamblia viruses, and Legionella; and promulgates national primary drinking water regulations for public water systems using surface water sources or ground water sources under the direct influence of surface water that include (1) criteria under which filtration (including coagulation and sedimentation, as appropriate) are required and procedures by which the States are to determine which systems must install filtration, and (2) disinfection requirements. More...

Surface Water/Watersheds

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