EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB)

Scoping and Approach for Revising Guidelines for Devising Numerical Water Quality Criteria to Protect Aquatic Life

EPA Designated Federal Officer (DFO):Iris Goodman
Responsible Committee/Panel:Ecological Processes and Effects Committee Augmented for Review of Aquatic Life Water Quality Criteria Methods

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EPA’s Office of Water (OW) has requested early SAB advice on a draft scoping document, entitled “Scope and Approach for Revising USEPA’s Guidelines for Deriving National Water Quality Criteria to Protect Aquatic Life.” This draft document provides an overview of the framework EPA proposes to use for the phased revision of the 1985 Guidelines for Deriving Numerical Water Quality Criteria for the Protection of Aquatic Organisms and Their Uses by outlining the planned scope and approach of the Guidelines revision process and introducing new and alternative methods to be considered for deriving aquatic life criteria based on the latest and most appropriate science available. The agency is planning on developing other documents to support the revision and will bring these to the SAB for peer review.