EPA Science Advisory Board Staff

Nominate Candidate Experts for Advisory Panels and Committees

Process for nominating and providing input on candidate experts

  • Each year, the SAB Staff publishes a Federal Register Notice announcing opportunities for the public to nominate candidate experts to serve on the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC), the Science Advisory Board (SAB), and certain SAB standing committees.

  • When the SAB Staff determines that additional expertise will be needed to address an advisory topic, it publishes a Federal Register Notice announcing the formation of an ad hoc panel that reports to the chartered CASAC or SAB. The announcement provides an opportunity for the public to nominate experts to these ad hoc panels.

  • The SAB Staff Office provides ways for the public to:
    • Nominate candidate experts through the Web;
    • Be informed about the candidate experts being considered; and
    • Provide information, analysis, or documentation for EPA to consider before finalizing membership on committees or panels.

Current opportunities to nominate and comment on candidate experts