EPA Science Advisory Board Staff


Members of advisory committees and panels are non-EPA scientists, engineers, and economists and other social scientists who are recognized experts in their respective fields. 

  • They come from academia, industry, federal, state, and tribal governments, research institutes and non-governmental organizations throughout the United States. 
  • EPA chooses them for their demonstrated ability to examine and analyze environmental issues with objectivity and integrity and for their interpersonal, oral and written communication, and consensus-building skills.

Members of the chartered SAB, CASAC, and Council and SAB Standing Committees are appointed by the EPA Administrator as Special Government Employees (SGEs) to serve for a term of three years, which may be renewable for an additional three-year term. 

Members of ad hoc committees or panels are appointed to serve for the duration of assigned advisory activities.

The SAB Staff Office has addressed frequently asked questions about SAB, CASAC, and Council membership and establishment of ad hoc panels and committees. The EPA has also developed policy (PDF, 5 pp., 1.41 kb, About PDF Files) regarding communication between members of Federal Advisory Committee Act committees and parties outside of the EPA. The EPA has further clarified this policy (PDF, 3 pp, 55.48 kb, About PDF Files) for effective implementation.