EPA Science Advisory Board Staff

About Us

Functions of the SAB Staff Office

  • The Staff Office manages EPA requests for scientific and technical advice and peer review. The Staff Office also provides policy, technical and administrative assistance to advisory committees in conducting meetings and preparing reports.
  • The SAB Staff Office oversees the formation of advisory committees and panels, ensuring that the needed breadth and depth of expertise and balanced points of view are achieved.
  • The Staff Office informs the public of committee advisory activities through Federal Register Notices; ensures that committees conduct advisory activities in public; and provides the public with opportunities to provide input during the advisory process.  
  • Designated Federal Officers are the point of contact for public questions about the SAB, CASAC, and Council.

Location and Contact Information

Mailing Address:

US Environmental Protection Agency
(Mailcode 1400R)
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20460-4164

Physical Location/Deliveries:

US EPA SAB Staff Office
Ronald Reagan Building
1300 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Suite 31150
Washington, DC 20004


Phone, Fax, and Email

Telephone: 202-564-2221

Main Fax: 202-565-2098 or 202-565-2091

Email: sab@epa.gov