EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB)

Final Reports by Fiscal Year

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Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Dissolved Oxygen. (PDF, 26 pp., 578,141 bytes)EPA-SAB-EETFC-86-020
Endorsement of Biotechnology Committee. (PDF, 30 pp., 895,335 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-86-014
Epidemiological Study of Radon in Indoor Air. (PDF, 10 pp., 233,545 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-86-028
Pollution Control Technology Research and Development: Private Sector Incentives and the Federal Role in the Current Regulatory System. (PDF, 7 pp., 184,915 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-86-013
RCRA Groundwater Monitoring technical Enforcement Guidance Document. (PDF, 50 pp., 1,519,180 bytes)EPA-SAB-RCRA-86-007
Report of the Environmental Engineering Committee Science Advisory Board US EPA. (PDF, 8 pp., 247,684 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-86-012
Review of Alternate Concentration Limit Guidance Together with Two Case Studies Demonstrating that Guidance. (PDF, 12 pp., 432,109 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-86-010
Review of Amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act. (PDF, 2 pp., 25,490 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-86-004
Review of draft Health Assessment Document for 1,2-Dichloreoethane (Ethylene Dichloride. (PDF, 63 pp., 2,319,264 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-86-031
Review of the Agency's Alternative Technologies Research Program Report of the EEC. (PDF, 63 pp., 2,335,299 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-86-029
Review of the Fiscal Year 1987 Budget Proposal for EPA's Office of Research and Development. (PDF, 30 pp., 764,406 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-86-015
Review of the March 13, 1985 Draft Background Information Document On Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal. (PDF, 6 pp., 129,332 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-86-002
Review of the Office of Research and Department's Health Assessment Document for Nickel. (PDF, 33 pp., 855,936 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-86-026
Review of the Permit Writers' Guidance Manual for the Location of Hazardous Waste Land Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities. (PDF, 15 pp., 401,709 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-86-016
Review of the Status of Dixon research in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (PDF, 25 pp., 747,206 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-86-011
Risk Assessment Council. (PDF, 4 pp., 157,917 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-86-018
RPT-Read Prong Indoor Radon Levels. (PDF, 4 pp., 140,005 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-86-005
SAB/HEI Improve Adequacy of Scientific Data Used - Agency Decision Making. (PDF, 2 pp., 63,395 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-86-027
Subcommittee on Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards 1985. (PDF, 7 pp., 129,567 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-86-019
Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation. (PDF, 6 pp., 148,123 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-86-017
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