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Final Reports by Fiscal Year

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Advisory on the Development of a National Wildlife Criteria Program. (PDF, 11 pp., 27,377 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-ADV-94-001
Assessment of Potential 2,4-D Carcinogencity. (PDF, 32 pp., 92,041 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-94-005
Commentary on Ecological Risk Assessment for the Proposed RIA for RCRA Corrective Action Rule. (PDF, 14 pp., 28,804 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-COM-94-001
Commentary on Peer Review of Research Used in Support of Environmental Policy . (PDF, 12 pp., 139,320 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-COM-94-003
Commentary on Strategic Research and Development Planning. (PDF, 8 pp., 114,080 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-COM-94-004
Consultation on Low Level Waste Risk Assessment . (PDF, 2 pp., 35,383 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-CON-94-007
Draft of "Addendum to the Methodology for Assessing Health Risks Associated with Indirect Exposure to Combustor Emissions". (PDF, 6 pp., 102,500 bytes)EPA-SAB-IAQC-94-009a
Drinking Water Committee Commentary on Negotiated Regulations for Disinfectants and By-Products. (PDF, 28 pp., 412,186 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-COM-94-002
Evaluation of a Testing Manual for Dredged Material Proposed for Discharge in Inland and Near Coastal Waters. (PDF, 23 pp., 48,081 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-94-007
Evaluation of Draft Technical Guidance for Biological Criteria for Streams and Small Rivers. (PDF, 34 pp., 60,556 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-94-003
Ground Water Monitoring Network Research. (PDF, 28 pp., 449,365 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-LTR-94-005
Notification of a Consultation on Bioaccumulation Issues. (PDF, 1 pp., 4,120 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC/DWC-CON-94-005
Notification of a Consultation on Conceptual Plan for an Integrated Ecosystem Protection Research Program. (PDF, 1 pp., 15,179 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-CON-94-006
Notification of a Consultation on National Saltwater Dissolved Oxygen Criteria. (PDF, 1 pp., 14,964 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-CON-94-004
Notification of a Consultation on Soil Screening Levels. (PDF, 2 pp., 25,533 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-CON-94-002
Notification of a Consultation on the Comprehensive Environmental Economic Policy Evaluation System (CEEPES). (PDF, 2 pp., 29,208 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-CON-94-003
Notification of a Consultation on Waste Minimization and Combustion. (PDF, 2 pp., 32,323 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-CON-94-008
ORIA's Radon Measurement Protocol Evaluation Study. (PDF, 15 pp., 28,642 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-LTR-94-006
Overview of SAB Comments and Recommendations on the Proposed RIA for the RCRA Corrective Action Rule . (PDF, 30 pp., 451,983 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-LTR-94-002
Recommendations on the 1993 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards Nominations . (PDF, 64 pp., 737,148 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-94-011
Review of Contingent Valuation Methodology for the Proposed RIA for RCRA Corrective Action Rule. (PDF, 36 pp., 81,052 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-94-001
Review of Diffuse NORM Draft Scoping Document. (PDF, 74 pp., 183,655 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-94-013
Review of Draft Addendum to the Method. for Assessing Health Risks Associated with Indirect Exposure to Combustor Emissions. (PDF, 68 pp., 2,242,982 bytes)EPA-SAB-IAQC-94-009b
Review of Economic Aspects of the Proposed RIA for the RCRA Corrective Action Rule (also referred to as CV-2). (PDF, 34 pp., 544,443 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEAC-LTR-94-001
Review of EPA's Approach to Screening for Radioactive Waste Materials at a Superfund Site in Uniontown, Ohio. (PDF, 72 pp., 2,019,232 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-94-010
Review of Health Benefits for the Proposed RIA for the RCRA Corrective Action Rule. (PDF, 14 pp., 434,835 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-LTR-94-003
Review of Indoor Air Issue Plan. (PDF, 50 pp., 878,310 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-94-008
Review of Information Collection Rule (Monitoring Requirements for Public Drinking Water Supplies). (PDF, 10 pp., 279,451 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-LTR-94-010
Review of MMSOILS Component of Proposed Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) for RCRA Corrective Action Rule. (PDF, 102 pp., 2,055,435 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-94-002
Review of the Draft Drinking Water Criteria Document on Inorganic Arsenic. (PDF, 60 pp., 812,106 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-94-004
Review of the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Programs Draft Assessment Framework. (PDF, 11 pp., 21,868 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-LTR-94-004
Review of the FY1995 Presidential Budget Request for the Office of Research and Development. (PDF, 22 pp., 442,041 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-LTR-94-008
Review of the Midwest Agrichemical Surface/Subsurface Transport and Effects Research (MASTER) Program. (PDF, 29 pp., 56,346 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-94-012
Review of the Research Program on Disinfectants and Disinfectant By-Products in the Risk Reduction Research Laboratory. (PDF, 34 pp., 847,857 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-94-006
Review of the Strategic Plan for the Terrestrial Elements of EPA's Global Change Research . (PDF, 27 pp., 52,146 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-94-014
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