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Final Reports by Fiscal Year

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1994 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards. (PDF, 37 pp., 85,550 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-95-012
A Retrospective REview of SAB/RAC Activities. (PDF, 97 pp., 247,448 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-95-009
A Second Look at Dioxin. (PDF, 129 pp., 330,353 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-95-021
Advisory by SAB DWC Concerning EPA's Five-Year Research Plan on Disinfection/Disinfectant By Products. (PDF, 16 pp., 47,610 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-ADV-95-002
An SAB Report: Future Issues in Environmental Engineering, Report on Future Issues and Challenges in Environmental Engineering and Technology by the Environmental Engineering Committee. (PDF, 119 pp., 3,663,886 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-95-004
Beyond the Horizon: Using Foresight to Protect the Environmental Future. (PDF, 39 pp., 3,622,669 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-95-007
Commentary on Appropriateness of SAB Reviews of Computer Env. Transport Fate Models Developed for Regulatory Decision Making. (PDF, 3 pp., 24,139 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-COM-95-005
Commentary on Bioaccumulation Modeling Issues. (PDF, 10 pp., 35,698 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC/DWC-COM-95-006
Commentary on Research Planning. (PDF, 14 pp., 40,325 bytes)EPA-SAB-RSAC-COM-95-003
Commentary on SAB Completing Peer Reviews. (PDF, 2 pp., 10,560 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-COM-95-004
Consultation on Development of Groundwater Disinfection Rule. (PDF, 1 pp., 15,903 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-CON-95-001
Consultation on Ecological/Economic Modeling and Ecosystems Valuation. (PDF, 1 pp., 10,088 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-CON-95-004
Consultation on EPA-ILSI Cooperative Projects in Risk Assessment. (PDF, 1 pp., 14,650 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-CON-95-005
Consultation on the Selection and Use of Case Studies in the Ecological Risk Assessment Guidelines. (PDF, 1 pp., 11,544 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-CON-95-003
Draft Technology Innovation Strategy. (PDF, 23 pp., 69,032 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-95-013
Ecosystem Index Site Network under the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program. (PDF, 1 pp., 11,545 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-CON-95-002
Ecosystem Management - Imperative for a Dynamic World Ecosystem Management. (PDF, 47 pp., 112,370 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-95-003
EPA's Use of the Benchmark Dose Calculation Method. (PDF, 4 pp., 19,805 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-COM-95-002
Future Issues in Environmental Radiation. (PDF, 108 pp., 251,652 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-95-006
Futures Methods and Issues: A Technical Annex to "Beyond the Horizon: Protecting the Future with Foresight". (PDF, 88 pp., 14,893,877 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-95-007A
Guidelines for Reproductive Toxicity Risk Assessment. (PDF, 42 pp., 93,403 bytes)EPA-SAB-EHC-95-014
Human Exposure Assessment: A Guide to Risk Reduction and Research Planning. (PDF, 72 pp., 317,549 bytes)EPA-SAB-IAQC-95-005
Improving the Use Cluster Scoring System. (PDF, 35 pp., 64,186 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-95-017
Recommendations for Radon Research. (PDF, 98 pp., 252,397 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-95-011
Review of Acid Deposition Standard Feasibility Study. (PDF, 20 pp., 57,005 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-95-019
Review of EPA's Composite Model for Leachate Migration with Transformation Products. (PDF, 27 pp., 71,685 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-95-010
Review of Radionuclide Clean-Up Levels for Soils. (PDF, 0 pp., 367,537 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-95-023
Review of the Agency's Approach for Developing Sediment Criteria for Five Metals. (PDF, 41 pp., 107,174 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-95-020
SAB Review of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program Landscape Component. (PDF, 11 pp., 38,894 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-LTR-95-002
SAB Review of Issues Related to the Regulation of Arsenic in Drinking Water. (PDF, 32 pp., 79,700 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-95-015
SAB Review of the Technical Basis for Listing Ammonia on the Toxics Release Inventory. (PDF, 4 pp., 17,572 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-LTR-95-001
Safe Drinking Water: Future Trends and Challenges. (PDF, 44 pp., 1,701,648 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-95-002
Verification of Innovative Continuous Air Emission Monitors. (PDF, 29 pp., 82,786 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-95-018
Verification Strategies for EnTICE. (PDF, 30 pp., 108,687 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-95-016
Women in the Environ. Workshop/United Nations Fourth World Conf. on Women. (PDF, 2 pp., 10,435 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-COM-95-001
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