EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB)

List of Original SAB Studies by Fiscal Year

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SAB Advice on Advancing the Application of CompTox Research for EPA Chemical Assessments. (PDF, 34 pp., 261,306 bytes)EPA-SAB-14-006Agency Response (PDF, 10 pp., 331,992 bytes)
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Science Integration for Decision Making at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (PDF, 38 pp., 1,063,889 bytes)EPA-SAB-12-008Agency Response (PDF, 4 pp., 465,736 bytes)
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Efficacy of Ballast Water Treatment Systems: a Report by the EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 154 pp., 1,319,941 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-009Agency Response (PDF, 4 pp., 187,562 bytes)
Reactive Nitrogen in the United States: An Analysis of Inputs, Flows, Consequences, and Management Options - A Report of the Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 172 pp., 4,580,351 bytes)EPA-SAB-11-013Agency Response (PDF, 2 pp., 330,653 bytes)more...
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Valuing the Protection of Ecological Systems and Services. (PDF, 138 pp., 1,754,454 bytes)EPA-SAB-09-012more...
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Advice to EPA on Advancing the Science and Application of Ecological Risk Assessment in Environmental Decision Making: A Report of the U.S. EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 163 pp., 1,040,971 bytes)EPA-SAB-08-002Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 43,745 bytes)
Hypoxia in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: An Update by the EPA Science Advisory Board. (PDF, 333 pp., 5,012,855 bytes)EPA-SAB-08-003Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 28,435 bytes)
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A Framework For Assessing and Reporting on Ecological Condition: An SAB Report. (PDF, 142 pp., 1,473,196 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-02-009
A Framework For Assessing and Reporting on Ecological Condition: Executive Summary. (PDF, 35 pp., 1,649,800 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-02-009A
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Improved Science-Based Environmental Stakeholder Processes. (PDF, 216 pp., 584,910 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-COM-01-006Agency Response (PDF, 1 pp., 77,895 bytes)
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Review of the SAB Report "Toward Integrated Environmental Decision-Making". (PDF, 11 pp., 101,735 bytes)EPA SAB-EC-LTR-00-004
Toward Integrated Environmental Decision-Making. (PDF, 64 pp., 521,416 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-00-011
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An SAB Report: Future Issues in Environmental Engineering, Report on Future Issues and Challenges in Environmental Engineering and Technology by the Environmental Engineering Committee. (PDF, 119 pp., 3,663,886 bytes)EPA-SAB-EEC-95-004
Beyond the Horizon: Using Foresight to Protect the Environmental Future. (PDF, 39 pp., 3,622,669 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-95-007
Ecosystem Management - Imperative for a Dynamic World Ecosystem Management. (PDF, 47 pp., 112,370 bytes)EPA-SAB-EPEC-95-003
Future Issues in Environmental Radiation. (PDF, 108 pp., 251,652 bytes)EPA-SAB-RAC-95-006
Futures Methods and Issues: A Technical Annex to "Beyond the Horizon: Protecting the Future with Foresight". (PDF, 88 pp., 14,893,877 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-95-007A
Human Exposure Assessment: A Guide to Risk Reduction and Research Planning. (PDF, 72 pp., 317,549 bytes)EPA-SAB-IAQC-95-005
Safe Drinking Water: Future Trends and Challenges. (PDF, 44 pp., 1,701,648 bytes)EPA-SAB-DWC-95-002
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Reducing Risk Appendix A: The Report of the Ecological and Welfare Subcommittee; Relative Risk Reduction Project. (PDF, 86 pp., 2,469,456 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-90-021A
Reducing Risk Appendix B: The Report of the Human Health Subcommittee; Relative Risk Reduction Project. (PDF, 191 pp., 27,676,175 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-90-021B
Reducing Risk Appendix C: The Report of the Strategic Options Subcommittee; Relative Risk Reduction Project. (PDF, 151 pp., 2,190,695 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-90-021C
Reducing Risk: Setting Priorities and Strategies for Environmental Protection. (PDF, 34 pp., 1,172,157 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-90-021
Hide details for 19881988
Future Risk - Appendix A - Strategies for Sources, Transport and Fate Research. (PDF, 30 pp., 685,386 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-88-040A
Future Risk - Appendix B - Strategies for Exposure Assessment Research. (PDF, 25 pp., 575,650 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-88-040B
Future Risk - Appendix C - Strategies for Ecological Effects Research. (PDF, 41 pp., 1,190,843 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-88-040C
Future Risk - Appendix D - Strategies for Health Effects Research. (PDF, 84 pp., 3,397,090 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-88-040D
Future Risk - Appendix E - Strategies for Risk Reduction Research. (PDF, 59 pp., 3,019,988 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-88-040E
Future Risk - Research Strategies for the 1990's. (PDF, 27 pp., 929,859 bytes)EPA-SAB-EC-88-040