CategoryMeeting Material
Agency Comment
Comments provided by Jean Chruscicki, EPA Region 5. (PDF, 1 pp., 36,873 bytes)
Committee Members' Comments
SAB Member's Quality Review Comments as of March 26, 2017. (PDF, 23 pp., 174,356 bytes)
Federal Register Notice Announcing the Public meeting
Prepublication internet version Federal Register Notice announcing the meeting. (PDF, 6 pp., 37,923 bytes)
List of public speakers
Registered Speakers. (PDF, 1 pp., 8,731 bytes)
Presentation by Registered Public Speaker
Summary of oral comments presented by Adrienne Nemura on behalf of the Ohio Wheat Growers and Ohio Soybean Council. (PDF, 1 pp., 670,588 bytes)
Roster. (PDF, 4 pp., 21,982 bytes)