EPA Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC)

Committees and Membership

  • The EPA Administrator appoints members to the Chartered CASAC.

  • The SAB Staff annually requests nominations from the public for membership on the chartered CASAC.

    Current Membership: Chartered CASAC

  • The SAB Staff Office forms panels and subcommittees on environmental science topics related to the CASAC's mission, as needed.

  • The SAB Staff has prepared Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 3 pp., 68.6 kb, About PDF Files) related to EPA’s new NAAQS process for experts interested in serving on CASAC panels.

  • Chartered CASAC members chair CASAC panels and subcommittees.

  • Draft advisory reports prepared by panels and subcommittees are forwarded to EPA only if the chartered CASAC determines they are appropriate.

  • Additional information is available on membership and expectations for experts serving on the SAB and its committees and panels. (PDF, 10 pp., 95 kb, About PDF Files)