EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB)

Advisory Activities

This site provides access to information about advisory activities since 2003. SAB advisory reports provide information about SAB science advice before 2003. Please contact the SAB Staff Office for other information.

A key priority for EPA is to base Agency actions on sound scientific data, analyses, and interpretations. The SAB provides a mechanism for the Agency to receive peer review and other advice designed to make a positive difference in the production and use of science at EPA.

The advisory functions of these scientific and technical advisory committees include the following kinds of activities:

  • Consultation - Provides expert advice on a technical question before EPA begins substantive work on that issue
  • Advisories – Provide written advice on EPA's technical works-in-progress
  • Peer Review – Conducts a review of EPA's final draft technical reports (e.g., guidelines, assessments, research strategies) or work products (e.g., analytical methods, models, databases)
  • Commentary – Provides forward-looking advice on an important technical or emerging issue in the form of a short communication
  • Original Study – Conducts original work on an emerging or overarching topic of importance to EPA
  • Rapid Consultation - In the event of emergencies such as Hurricane Katrina, the SAB provides the Agency with rapid expert consultation, if such an emergency need is identified

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Planned advisory activities are briefly noted in introductions to specific SAB Standing Committees and specific SAB Ad Hoc Committees and Panels.