EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB)

Committees and Membership

Current Membership: Chartered SAB

Current Membership: SAB Standing Committees
Agricultural Science Committee
Chemical Assessment Advisory Committee
Drinking Water Committee
Radiation Advisory Committee
  • On May 31, 2018, the Science Advisory Board unanimously voted to restructure its supporting standing committees from seven to four. The Board discussed the recent and anticipated matters to come before the Board and found the mix of expertise represented by its current members, the use of ad hoc panels, or augmenting standing committees provides a necessary, responsible, and sufficient approach to provide advice to the Administrator. The SAB approved retiring the Ecological Processes and Effects Committee (EPEC), the Environmental Economics Advisory Committee (EEAC) and the Environmental Engineering Committee (EEC). When issues arise in these three areas, the current make-up of the Board sufficiently represents expertise to oversee work on these subject matters and convene panels as statutorily authorized. For any future advisory requests on ecology, economics or engineering, the SAB Staff Office plans to create ad hoc panels chosen specifically for the topic under consideration. The SAB’s decision was designed to enhance efficiency based on anticipated workload and upcoming activities. The four remaining standing committees are the Agricultural Science Committee (ASC), the Chemical Assessment Advisory Committee (CAAC), the Drinking Water Committee (DWC) and the Radiation Advisory Committee (RAC).

Ad hoc Committees and Panels: Ad hoc committees and panels on environmental science topics are formed, as needed.