EPA Science Advisory Board Staff

Nominate Candidate Experts to Advisory Panels and Committees

Nomination to Advisory Panels and Committees

The public may nominate candidate experts to serve on panels and committees being formed to address specific advisory topics. The SAB Staff Office announces the formation of such panels and committees and solicits public nominations in the Federal Register for the SAB and the CASAC.

If you wish to nominate yourself or another candidate expert to serve on the SAB, CASAC, or one of their committees or panels, please complete and submit a Nomination to Panel or Committee Being Formed.

Opportunities for Input on Candidate Experts for Advisory Panels and Committees

The SAB Staff Office invites comments on Lists of Candidates for SAB or CASAC panels and committees as Lists become available.

For background information on the SAB process for forming panels, see the SAB Staff Office publication, Overview of the Panel Formation Process at the Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board, September 2002. (PDF, 10 pp., 113 kb, About PDF Files) and the more detailed description of the formation of advisory panels and ad hoc committees in the 2004 SAB Implementation Plan (PDF, 30 pp., 347 kb, About PDF Files).