EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB)


SAB IHEC-EHC Briefings on Exposure Guidelines Update


Federal Register Notice Announcing the Meeting

Type of MeetingBriefings Only
LocationSAB Conference Room, Washington DC

Expert Committee or PanelEnvironmental Health Committee
Integrated Human Exposure Committee

A list of members can be found in the final report included in the Advisory Activity linked to this panel or committee.

ContactsSuhair Shallal

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Meeting Minutes. (PDF, 30 pp., 149,124 bytes)


The SAB Integrated Human Exposure Committee (IHEC) and Environmental Health Committee (EHC) will conduct a consultation on the efforts of the EPA to update EPA's Exposure Guidelines.

Agenda. (PDF, 1 pp., 17,731 bytes)

Advisory Activity (or Activities) Discussed

Exposure Assessment Guidelines Update Plans

Meeting Materials