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SAB Mercury Review Panel Discussion of Draft Report

01:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Federal Register Notice Announcing the Meeting

Type of MeetingAdvisory
LocationTelephone only

Expert Committee or PanelMercury Review Panel

A list of members can be found in the final report included in the Advisory Activity linked to this panel or committee.

ContactsAngela Nugent

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Meeting Minutes. (PDF, 24 pp., 173,807 bytes)


To discuss a draft (July 12, 2011) panel report, Peer Review of EPA’s Draft National-Scale Mercury Risk Assessment.

Agenda. (PDF, 1 pp., 17,415 bytes)

Advisory Activity (or Activities) Discussed

Mercury Risk Assessment

Agency Charge

Charge for Mercury Risk Assessment (PDF, 11 pp., 71,467 bytes)

Agency Review Documents

Mercury Risk Assessment
   PDF for Technical Support Document: National-Scale Mercury Risk Assessment Supporting the Appropriate and Necessary Finding for Coal and Oil-Fired Electric Generating Units - March 2011 Draft (PDF, 95 pp., 2,928,102 bytes)

Report(s) to Review:

Draft Report Title(s)
Peer Review of EPA’s Draft National-Scale Mercury Risk Assessment (07/12/11 Draft-with line numbers)
Peer Review of EPA’s Draft National-Scale Mercury Risk Assessment (07/12/11 Draft)

Meeting Materials
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