EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB)

Biogenic Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Stationary Sources - Assessment Framework

EPA Designated Federal Officer (DFO):Holly Stallworth
Responsible Committee/Panel:Biogenic Carbon Emissions Panel
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In 2011, EPA developed a draft document, Accounting Framework for Biogenic CO2 Emissions from Stationary Sources (September 2011). The context for the Framework arose when the EPA established thresholds for greenhouse gas emissions from stationary sources for the purposes of Clean Air Act permits under the New Source Review (Prevention of Significant Deterioration program) and Title V operations program. The agency needed to consider how to include biogenic emissions in determining whether thresholds for regulation have been met. In July 2011, the EPA deferred the application of permitting requirements to biogenic carbon dioxide emissions from bioenergy and other biogenic stationary sources for three years, while conducting a detailed examination of the issues associated with biogenic CO2. to explore the scientific and technical issues associated with accounting for emissions of biogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) from stationary sources and to develop a method to adjust the stack emissions from bioenergy based on the induced changes in carbon stocks on land (in soils, plants and forests). The SAB reviewed the draft framework (see report EPA-SAB-12-011) and identified a number of limitations and implementation challenges. The agency subsequently revised the 2011 framework report and has asked the SAB to review of the revised technical report.

Agency Charge . (PDF, 13 pp., 263,691 bytes)

Agency Review Document(s):

PDF for Framework for Assessing Biogenic CO2 Emissions from Stationary Sources, EPA Office of Air and Radiation, November 2014. (PDF, 69 pp., 2,233,864 bytes)

PDF for Appendixes A-N: Framework for Assessing Biogenic Carbon Emissions from Stationary Sources (November 2014) . (PDF, 366 pp., 6,852,863 bytes)