EPA Science Advisory Board Staff

Membership on the Chartered SAB and SAB Standing Committees

The scientists who develop advice for these chartered advisory committees constitute a distinguished body of scientists, engineers, and economists and other social scientists who are recognized experts in their respective fields. These individuals are drawn from academia, industry, federal, state, and tribal governments, research institutes and non-governmental organizations throughout the United States. They have demonstrated ability and experience to examine and analyze issues incisively with the highest level of scientific quality, objectivity, and integrity. They should be known for having excellent committee-related skills and experience, including interpersonal, orgal and written communication, consensus-building, and other skills necessary for working alongside their peers in committees and advisory panels.

Committee members are appointed by the EPA Administrator as Special Government Employees (SGEs) to serve for a term of three years, which may be renewable for an additional three-year term. As SGEs, members are subject to many Federal requirements including those dealing with conflict-of-interest and ethic statutes. The SAB Staff Office annually requests nominations from the public for membership on the chartered SAB and SAB Standing Committees.