EPA Science Advisory Board Staff

Ozone and Related Photochemical Oxidants Air Quality Criteria Document (2nd Draft)

EPA Designated Federal Officer (DFO):Fred Butterfield

Responsible Committee/Panel:Ozone Review (2005-2008) Panel

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Federal Register Notices Announcing Public Meetings:

TitleTypeCitationPublication Date
Notification of a Public Advisory Committee Meeting (Teleconference) of the CASAC Ozone Review PanelPublic Meeting71 78 21026-2102704/24/2006
Notification of Advisory Committee Meetiing of the CASAC Ozone Review PanelPublic Meeting70 219 69338-6933911/15/2005

Public Meetings and/or Teleconferences:

05/12/2006 to 05/12/2006, CASAC Ozone Review Panel Additional Advice on Chapter 8 (Integrative Synthesis) of the Final Ozone Air Quality Criteria Document

12/06/2005 to 12/08/2005, CASAC Ozone Review Panel Review of 2nd Draft Ozone Air Quality Criteria Document and Consultation on 1st Draft Ozone Staff Paper and Related Technical Support Documents