EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB)

President's Requested Fiscal Year 2013 Science and Research Budget Review

EPA Designated Federal Officer (DFO):Angela Nugent
Responsible Committee/Panel:Research Budget Workgroup
A list of members can be found in the final report included in the Advisory Activity linked to this panel or committee.

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The chartered SAB conducts a review of EPA's research budget annually. The SAB provides written comments to the EPA Administrator and to Congress, as requested, on the adequacy of EPA’s requested research budget in light of EPA's research needs.

Agency Charge . (PDF, 1 pp., 14,789 bytes)

Agency Review Document(s):

PDF for FY 2013 President’s Budget for ORD. (PDF, 62 pp., 1,518,176 bytes)

PDF for FY 2013 President’s Budget for Regulatory/Economic-Management and Analysis. (PDF, 4 pp., 49,605 bytes)

PDF for Economics and Decision Sciences and . (PDF, 7 pp., 59,833 bytes)

PDF for National Center for Environmental Economics Programs - EDS Program Overview . (PDF, 7 pp., 59,833 bytes)