EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB)

Federal Register Notice

Text of Federal Register Notice:

TitleNotification of a Public Teleconference and Meeting of the Science Advisory Board Drinking Water Committee
Publication Date03/11/2008
Citation: Vol 73 Number 48 Pages 12999-13000
Type:Public Meeting

Meeting Information:

04/02/2008 to 04/02/2008, Drinking Water Committee - Measures to Link DW Programs to Outcomes Consulattion, Drinking Water Committee, Telephone only

04/23/2008 to 04/24/2008, Drinking Water Committee - Contaminant Candidate List (CCL3) Review, Drinking Water Committee, Science Advisory Board Conference Center, 1025 F Street, NW, Suite 3705, Washington, D.C. 20004

Advisory Activity Information:

Waterborne Diseases - Measures To Link Drinking Water Programs To Public Health Outcomes

Drinking Water Contaminant Candidate List Draft Revisions